About Distant Waters

About Distant Waters

About Distant Waters


Aquatic  Supplies

Distant Waters are proud to offer a massive range of aqautic supplies online and in store. We are confident you will find  precisely the aquatic  supplies you need right here on the Distant Waters website. With  1000,s of  products available online, our range of aquatic  supplies covers a host of different areas, from custom build and branded aquariums to some of the most sort after animals in our industy, not only this we only sell tried and tested products that are rated in the hobby


Distant Waters has over 35 years of combined  experience in providing the right aquatic supplies to customers. In store our knowledgeable staff members are there to offer you advice and guidance on choosing the right products, equally, our website team is dedicated to providing our customers with the information they need when ordering products. Whether this is over the phone or through email, we always strive to answer customer questions quickly and effectively. 


With regular special offers, consistently competitive pricing and a dedicated after sales service you can be confident when ordering your aquatic  supplies with Distant Waters.

Here at  Distant Waters we stock a massive range of aquariums from leading brands within the industry. Our range includes aquariums from established manufacturers such as JEWEL, AQUA ONE, AQUAEL and our own custom build aquaria ensuring that you can find the right aquarium , first time that suits your needs. 


As well as the latest aquariums and a custom build consultation service , we also stock a large number of aquarium supplies and accessories, from essentials such as lights, pumps and heaters to more aesthetic sands, rocks and backgrounds. With everything you need to set up and maintain your aquarium, ordering products from Distant Waters is not only convenient but also cost effective.

Whether you are setting up your first fish tank or are an experienced owner of fish, Distant Waters offer all the vital equipment you may require to keep your fish tank clean and your fish healthy.

Order online for great deals on a host of different fish tanks and fish tank accessories.

All of our aqautic supplies have been extensively tried and tested and are sold by only the best companies within the industry.


Internet advice line open five days a week.

10.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday

01603 408700 


Store open everyday except Christmas Day and Easter Sunday